Women of the Black Panther Party Mural and Museum

wbpp_screen2-1Inkflow serves as an advisor on communications and growth strategy to Jilchristina Vest, who owns the West Oakland home featuring this mural and a 1,000-square foot museum she curated to honor Women of the Black Panther Party.

Read Inkflow’s blog item about the project’s formal debut on Juneteenth, 2021.

Inkflow projects include writing copy for www.WestOaklandMuralProject.org. We connected the organization with Tony Green, who teaches AP African-American Studies at Bishop O’Dowd High School, resulting in scores of students visiting the site:

And another outcome of connecting those parties was this segment on KQED:

Inkflow Also Wrote This Major Donor Prospect Letter

Dear _____,

It gave me great pleasure to welcome you to the West Oakland Mural Project, home of The Women of The Black Panther Party Mural and Museum. One of the great joys of opening my home this way is seeing the reaction of visitors. Many are visibly moved, their eyes opened anew, as they look up to Black women.

If you experienced that, I hope you will consider supporting my project financially. Donors and supporters are the lifeblood of this work, enabling maintenance and upkeep of the Mural, preservation and curation of Museum artifacts, and marketing the site to as many people as possible.

I hope you’ll agree that the more folks look up to Black women here, the more folks will look up to Black women out there. When Black girls visit and look up and learn what young women who look like them accomplished, those girls walk away taller, with greater self-respect, which in turn commands greater respect from others, so that they may be looked up to.

In this way, your support goes far beyond an individual passion project. Rather, it’s an opportunity to improve, perhaps even save, the lives of Black girls.

It’s also an opportunity to help heal. Many people use the Mural and Museum as a meditative oasis, a place to calm and center themselves in these turbulent times.

Your support also shares the reminder that each individual and those who band together can exert their will in ways that matter even in a world gone out of control. The people who visit here need that sense of power, and in fact, your support will help bring All Power to the People.


Jilchristina Vest