Following are details on each book I have written.

Stories of friends, memories of first-hand experience, and conversations about race blend into an exploration of Black culture’s influence and impact in my life. Email to inquire.

Written in collaboration with American Ninja Warrior stars Flip Rodriguez and Noah Kaufman, The Man Behind the Mask is Flip’s autobiography, introduced on the July 18, 2022 episode of American Ninja Warrior.

Per the promo copy I wrote for our Amazon page: “Read the real and raw story of Flip Rodriguez, the ‘Man Behind the Mask.’ In this inspirational story, the American Ninja Warrior star explains how he overcame years of sexual abuse during his childhood and lifted himself from the depths of despair to unimaginable heights.”

Purchase here. A portion of proceeds benefits the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center in its fight against child abuse.

Az Der Papa

My novella shares the coming-of-age story of Sam Cohen, a 12-year-old Jewish boy and die-hard Cubs fan, set in Skokie and Chicago during the summer of 1970.

Sam Cohen seeks sense and spirituality. He confronts internal and external conflict, chaos, and confusion in consultation with a colorful cast of characters. Az Der Papa is young adult fiction that also resonates with older adults.

The title is a variation on the beginning of a Yiddish folk saying that translates to “When a father supports his son, both laugh; when a son supports his father, both cry.”

Excerpt below:

Az Der Papa Featured in 48 Hour Books’ Newsletter

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