Wolfpack Ninjas

Inkflow leads marketing communications for a team of Ninja athletes who gained fame on the American Ninja Warrior TV show (here in wolf-howl mode with David Jacobson front and center). Services include strategic counsel, such as the Wolfpack Ninjas Brand Manifesto, e-mail marketing,  website advice, media relations, such as this release for our Feb. 2019 event in New York), and content creation as seen below.

Inkflow helped unite Wolf Pack Ninjas with KABOOM!, the non-profit known for building playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods throughout the U.S. The video below, on which Inkflow collaborated with the two organizations and Noah Mittman of Snowman Films, covers the team’s first project at San Antonio’s Pearsall Park.

When actress Kristy Swanson offered to support Wolfpack Ninjas, Inkflow scripted this video, where Kristy reprises her role from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Matt Greco wonders about the whereabouts of Wolfpack Ninjas star Travis Brewer, and “NinjaDoc” Noah Kaufman riffs on Robert Young. Produced by Snowman Films.

David Jacobson’s post-race interview of Wolfpack Ninjas Pro Team member Tiana Webberley illustrates Inkflow’s quick-hit journalistic style in the heat of the moment.