The Writing Salon

Inkflow’s David Jacobson leads several courses for The Writing Salon:

Raw Writing
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The Writing Gym
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On Point: Crafting a Short-Form Point of View Piece
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To Make a Long Story Short: Efficient, Effective Editing
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Testimonials appear below.

“The Writing Gym, taught with heart, an upbeat energy and very helpful insights by David Jacobson, was a well-planned and fast-paced hour built on thought-provoking writing prompts that exercised my brain and tapped into my memories and opened the door for me to write without hesitation or inner-voiced judgment. It was great fun “working out” as a writer, and in just one hour this class reminded me how much I love to write and rekindled my commitment to keep at it…just the kind of reboot that I needed during this ongoing pandemic!–Roberta, “The Writing Gym,” December 2021

“I enjoyed very much the structure of your Writing Gym hour and was surprised at how quickly the time flew. The framework from warm up through the heavy lifting was very gratifying, and it did have rigor to it.”–Susan Tenney, “The Writing Gym,” August 2021

“David’s class was fun and it certainly felt like a writing gym. It was obvious that he planned it carefully. He also had us wear clothing or hats that represent our uniqueness, which made the class come alive! I highly recommend David’s class for all levels of writers.”–Gloria Lau, “The Writing Gym” student, August 2021

“I have been receiving the Writing Salon newsletters and classes for years now, and this was the MOST PERFECT class for me to join back in to the writing world.”–Ann Jonas, “The Writing Gym” student, May 2021

“Thanks for a fun series of Writing Gyms. It was more helpful than I would have guessed going into it. That is, I’ve really ramped up my writing practice, and I’m finding it very enjoyable, too.”
Laura Abrams, “The Writing Gym” student, May 2021

“I would just like to reach out and say how much I enjoyed your class last Thursday. I haven’t written that freely in months, and really took a lot from implementing sports training strategies into my writing. During your class I wrote a ‘Tiny Love Story’ and submitted it to The New York Times Tiny Love Story column for consideration to publish.”–Agnes Erickson, “The Writing Gym” student, April 2021

“I was an expert double-dutcher as a child, so the jump rope metaphor really resonated with me. It was amazing how the piece was generated after the warm-ups and drills. Wonderful method.”–Kimberly Lee, “The Writing Gym” student, April 2021

“Thank you for such a wonderful class. I learned so much, and the feedback you gave on my piece is really valuable!”–Rachel Neurath, “On Point” student, May 2021

“I appreciate your feedback, and I really enjoyed this class. What a lovely experience. It’s greatly helped me along in my life journey.”–Sarina, “On Point” student, January 2021

“Your class has been a source of inspiration for me, both in the participants it garnered and the really spot-on nuggets you proffered! Your rooted, peaceful teaching style is more than worth the price of admission.”–Sarah Cassidy, “On Point” student, January 2021

“Incredibly helpful! I wish I had your talent for making these edits! I was wondering if it would be possible to hire you as an editor for this piece whenever I finish it. Thank you so much for everything! I greatly enjoyed your courses. It has been a gift to see your great talent in action!”
–Rebecca Guenther, student in “On Point” and “To Make a Long Story Short”, Aug. 2020

“Thank you so much for running such an informative and encouraging workshop. I came out of it inspired and feeling equipped to not only do well on these blog posts for work, but also to write more for fun.”–Leah Meyerholtz, “On Point” student, May 2020

“I hope you’ll teach more 3-week writing classes over the next few months. I’m interested to come back and take a stab at polishing some of my other opinions, as well. I had a lot of fun with you last time, and I feel very happy that I was able to write down so much. Writing is very hard for me and I appreciated how encouraging you were. Thanks for your help and support.”
–Subbalakshmi Iyer, “On Point” student, December 2019