The Writing Salon

Inkflow’s David Jacobson teaches To Make a Long Story Short: Efficient, Effective Editing (debuting in August 2020) and On Point: Crafting a Short-Form Point of View Piece.

On Point focuses on blogs, op-eds, and reflection on personal experience, and next meets in August 2020. Testimonials appear below.

“Thank you so much for running such an informative and encouraging workshop. I came out of it inspired and feeling equipped to not only do well on these blog posts for work, but also to write more for fun.”–Leah Meyerholtz, student, May 2020

“I hope you’ll teach more 3-week writing classes over the next few months. I’m interested to come back and take a stab at polishing some of my other opinions, as well. I had a lot of fun with you last time, and I feel very happy that I was able to write down so much. Writing is very hard for me and I appreciated how encouraging you were. Thanks for your help and support.”–Subbalakshmi Iyer, student, December 2019