Coach Cam Going to State

Inkflow serves as communications director for Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell, Democratic candidate for Texas House District 132 in the 2022 election. Following are work samples that track progress of the “Cam”-paign in reverse chronological order.

In addition to election day messages immediately below, see two editions of “The Playbook” digital magazine, on which Inkflow provided creative direction and writing, plus ad hoc messaging that fed into the candidate’s social media.

Concession Message (which the campaign unfortunately had to deliver)

The Victory Message the Campaign Would Have Delivered

I just received news of concession by my opponent, Mike Schofield. I ran this race on principles that I learned through my football career. One of those principles is to honor and appreciate an opponent. I do so now for Mike Schofield.

I am grateful for this electoral win. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to serve ALL of the people in HD 132. Our district faces some challenges, but those are far outweighed by our opportunities. In fact, if we pursue our opportunities properly, we will eliminate many of the challenges.

If we educate our children well through my STEM 2.0 approach, they will grow into contributing citizens, who thrive and lead.

If we stimulate and incentivize businesses by going BIG with Business Innovation Grants, we will create wealth that supports increased employment and a virtuous cycle of prosperity.

If we Advocate for Access, ALL of the citizens of HD 132 — regardless of race, gender identity, physical and mental ability, ethnicity, or religion — ALL will benefit and ALL will be positioned to contribute to our communities.

I look forward to starting this work. I promise to represent you ALL as well as possible. My electoral victory today will become your victory.

Obviously, I did not get here alone. I thank my family, meaning my wife and children, for their sacrifices in supporting me during this campaign.

I thank my ancestral family, on whose shoulders I stand. I especially appreciate my PawPaw, who, before he passed, taught me childhood lessons about doing the right thing that stuck with me every step of this campaign.

I thank my campaign staff — an all-volunteer campaign staff rooted here, as well as on both coasts and on that Third Coast known as Chicago. I am awestruck at their talent and their commitment.

Mostly, I thank you, the citizens of HD 132, who shared my vision and got out and voted. Hey, y’all, we’re Going to State!

Statement on Juneteenth

Statement on Shooting in Uvalde, May 24, 2022

Statement on Shootings in Buffalo and Elsewhere, May 16, 2022

Blog About Messaging on SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Opinion: D.C.’s Hot Days and Nights

Post-Primary Victory E-Mail

As a first step toward this victory, Inkflow guided designers on website flow and written expression of Coach Cam’s platform.

Inkflow dubbed the campaign’s fireside chats “Friday Night Lights” to appeal to Texas football fans and to reinforce Coach Cam’s football background (playing for the University of Houston, coaching a high school team, and now working for USA Football and the Houston Texans) as an example of his commitment to community.

When the Texans named Lovie Smith as head coach, Inkflow jumped on the opportunity to deepen the football connections with an op-ed.

With Coach Cam’s blessing, we then wrote this Lovie Smith Op-Ed.

Stay tuned as we commence the Cam-paign toward the general election in November!